Better branding. For a changing world.


Better branding. For a changing world.

We are a design and digital company that creates thought-provoking work for global brands across Interaction Design, Digital Marketing, and Branding & Communications


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What’s in a name?

Unlike Shakespeare, we believe that your name is your identity. Surely if we could call a rose by another name, it would smell just as sweet. But would you get a bunch of roses if you asked for dahlias? Our in-house brand naming model ensures that we capture the essence of your brand in a unique and unforgettable name.

Needle and Haystack

Every individual is different from the other. We work towards identifying the exact group of individuals who will benefit most from your brand. So how do you find a needle in the world’s biggest haystack? Simple, you bring a magnet!

In the real world

The outside world is full of opportunities for growth. However, it is also full of competition and it is our responsibility to help you combat it. Our competition analysis model helps prepare your brand to thrive in the right market.

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