We are a Digital Technology Company

Our Story

Success does not come knocking on our door in a single day. It takes years of hard effort and steadiness to reach the goals we've set for ourselves. Here, we shed light on how and why we began our adventure, as well as how far we have progressed

We are a Digital Technology Company

Our Story

Success does not knock our door in a day. It takes years of hard work and stability to achieve something we've set for. Here we throw light on how and why we began our journey and how far we have come.


With vision and collective action, anything is possible.

People nowadays have higher expectations of the brands they buy and the services they rely on. They want companies that stand for something; organisations with a mission. We are aware of this because we live it

Our team approaches the world with enthusiasm and curiosity, looking for opportunities in everything we do. Our system is based on the use of creativity, empathy, and intelligence to question "but if?" and create "what might be."


Team behind Geekstack

Geekstack was founded on the principles of entrepreneurship. What we do is founded on innovation, experimentation, and problem-solving. This has enabled us to change digital solutions like never before, assisting in the development of locally relevant and scalable solutions, as well as cutting-edge technology for India and the rest of the globe

We think that variety fosters creativity and innovation. Our leadership team combines experience from a variety of professions, including technology, finance, and shipping, to provide a unique perspective on Supply Chain

Vinith Babu
Founder & CEO

Vinith Babu

Founder & CEO

Vinith heads Geekstack’s digital division, drawing on his business acumen and passion for all things tech to forge one of world’s leading user experience and web development teams. Vinith has extensive experience working across digital strategy, advertising, integrated marketing, marketing, and digital marketing. His friendly and energetic character makes him a pleasure to work with, for colleagues and clients alike.

Kevin Paul Pichard
Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Paul Pichard

Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin is a brand strategy and campaign specialist able to deliver ideation and execution of campaigns across ATL, digital, social media, direct response and event activations. He brings an abundance of experience having delivered creative campaigns for some of world’s biggest brands such as Philips, Gully Live Fast, Frozen Bottle, Acko General Insurance, as well as a keen passion for integrated campaigns.

We are a company that does things differently.

Why work at Geekstack?

Impact oriented

If you are oriented towards making an impact, then Geekstack is the place for you! As an organisation, we focus on working fast and hard to make a quick impact.

Ambitious Goals

We believe in the saying "Ambitious goals make for outstanding achievements" and we set audacious goals for ourselves.

Infectious Energy

There is never a dull moment at Geekstack. We are constantly ideating, innovating and deliberating! Join us to be part of this buzz.


We are passionate about our mission to provide mobility for a billion Indians. What's more? Once we are done with work we party even harder!

Obsessively Hyperlocal

We intrinsically understand the transportation needs of India. Our teams continue to create hyperlocal solutions to meet those needs.


We have the courage to be creative and always willing to experiment with new opportunities!

Benefits and Perks

While you are busy passionately working towards the mission of impacting a billion lives, here’s how we take care of your well-being!

Health Benefits

Group Medical Coverage

Comprehensive coverage for you and your family including your parents/in-laws

Accidental and Term Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones and their future


Access to a wide range of Physicians and Specialist doctors online for you and your family


24X7 Counselor support when you need it

Financial Benefits


Build the retirement corpus you need

Flexi-pay Benefit

Design your salary structure by choosing from a wide range of tax saving options

Leave Benefits

Time off from work

Time to relax, rejuvenate and come back refreshed

Paid Parental Leave

Time to bond with your new child

Special Perks

Creche Benefits

Provide quality care for your child while you are at work

Employee Discounts

Exclusive offers from most popular brands at special prices just for you

One team. Driven by possibility.