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COVID-19 Solutions

ensuring you maintain momentum

Business life is instable, and you need a partner that can adjust to your changing demands. That's why we've put in place a set of tools to assist you manage Covid19's business effect

Your most valuable asset is your workforce. When a crisis like this strikes, you must prioritise your employees and find solutions to keep your business running despite the effects of the coronavirus on your market and supply chain

Here are some of the most popular remedies we implemented for our Asian clients during the onset of the Covid19 outbreak's interruption. They're accessible to our partners in any nation, and we have a fast deployment team in place to guarantee that your people and projects are taken care of as quickly as possible

Switch to virtual workshops

Switching to a virtual workshop schedule can keep your team planned and thinking. We'll assist you in delivering productive virtual interactions by creating remote-friendly techniques and facilitating to achieve the outputs you require

Build your sharing and coaching community

Create communities using our digital technologies where your teams may seek advice, discuss best practises, and allow team leaders to coach younger employees from afar. We may take the lead on the strategy and provide complete project management and communication assistance

Get executive coaching for virtual workshops

We’ve been running elearning and virtual workshops since 2000, so, if your business leaders need to get up to speed, we can coach them to manage their workshops and brainstorms while social-distancing is required. Small changes will have a big impact on your projects and their success

Switch on additional training

As specialists in marketing and digital transformation, we’ve been creating and running our own elearning courses since 2000. This means there’s an extensive set of training solutions you can instantly switch on for your team as a way to demonstrate your investment in them and offset any face to face training that’s on hold

Put in place Covid19 crisis management strategies

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, your consumer base and supply chain are likely to behave differently. Your digital channels will likely be needed for crisis management strategies as a result. As experts, we can help you create a plan, assist you on the content, and brief your teams and agencies in a collaborative manner, if needed. Fortunately, we have the means to do so right now!

This means that if your company executives need a refresher in elearning and virtual training, we can help them learn how to handle their workshops and brainstorms when social-distancing is necessary. Many of your initiatives and their success might be affected by little modifications

Get specialist support for workshops & training content creation support

We can assist you if you require more resources to create effective training or workshop content. Our marketing strategists can design multi-media materials, video, interactive learning, workshop kits, and virtual workshop settings for face-to-face or online delivery under your supervision

Strengthen your marketing leadership with additional oversight

Do you need senior consultants to keep your team's initiatives on track? We provide supervision and leadership services to guarantee that internal stakeholders and agency partners are on track to achieve your goals. This involves regular check-ins and pivots as needed to ensure that a distributed workforce is not forgotten. To see what works and what doesn't, we use online survey tools, focus groups, and project monitoring to see what’s working and what has to be improved

Invest in your people

Even for people who have never been physically affected, Covid19 is disturbing. Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on businesses and economies, as well as families and communities. Taking quick action to develop your strategy and solutions can help you keep your projects and business on track

Switch to remote working

Working from home is a growing trend in business, and we can help you take advantage of it. Whether your goal is to save meeting costs, reduce air travel in response to environmental concerns, or improve your employer brand by providing employees with a new work-life balance, remote working may assist. And we're here to assist with remote working

Move your planned training online

We will turn your in-person courses and materials into engaging and interactive elearning that may be delivered using your existing internal infrastructure or completely handled by us. We'll help you get up and running quickly with complete project management and communication assistance