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A New Reality for Your Business

Recent developments in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technology have not only facilitated the creation of eye-popping gaming and visual experiences, they've also been leveraged in industries as diverse as healthcare and hospitality for new training and marketing opportunities. Read on to learn about the enterprise services Geekstack offers in the VR/AR space.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Start dreaming with your eyes open
Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Add digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone.


Turn your Product and Service into an innovative and interactive experience for customers

Next we’re looking at how do we make that even more immersive, and how do we allow more people to have a shared experience together in a public space.


Technology has made web development a suitable procedure. Considering the latest techies, One of the most HOT popular Technology is VR-AR-MR which is emerging in an unthoughtable manner of speed. It is not just having the field over other Industry or e-commerce or gaming but its even giving a great impact on the EDUCATION, which is making the students to learn totally in an different environment and even it gives the Future of Education a new way of Learning by doing method.

  • Able to understand every technologies and development in an Easy way
  • Do not specialize in only one technology
  • Must follow best exercises
  • Understanding of schemes encompassing the projects
  • Invests time in explore and development
  • Pliable to change
  • Has a exhaustive testing process, including automated tests
  • Apply source control
vr education


The rapid evolution of e-commerce has created a new sales channel for retailers that is giving brick and mortar stores a run for their money. The primary drawback to online shopping is that many of the sensory elements that customers use to make their purchasing decisions are often lost. When shopping online, a customer cannot touch or feel an item, see how it works, or know how it will fit in their home. The loss of this interactivity and presence in the shopping experience leads to uncertain buyers and more abandoned carts.

  • AR is allowing shoppers to trigger animations to show how complex products like appliances or electronics work and function.
  • The future in retail will consider Augmented Reality SDKs like Augment’s SDK that allows retailers to leverage AR through their own, branded platforms. Online retailers must realize that there is more to VR and AR than mere gaming. As futuristic as these “Realities” feel, it’s all old school again ﹣the touch-and-try charm, just virtually!


Architecture- The word itself has the huge power of DESIGN. It has been over unextinguashable decades and in future also it will be. From Ancient ages until now, Only the Blueprint and Maps have been proved until this New technology came in. Most of the Architects are satisfied with these technologies. Its been getting proved and the Complex problems are getting solved by these technologies.

  • An Architect can visualize what will happen if he uses what he thought
  • More Safety Features Can be Built
  • Should follow good exercises and knowledge
  • Understanding of different procedures encompassing the projects
  • Invests time in explore and development
  • Pliable to change
  • Has a exhaustive testing process, including automated tests
  • Apply source control


It is an online consumer shopping activity in a virtual world, where a shoppers Avatar can see and interact with other avatar shoppers and salespersons, while they are shopping in the digital replica of a real world brick-and-mortar store.

  • Making purchases at a website by using VR-AR tech.
  • Selecting items for delivery via smartphones
  • Checking the Different Products Availabilty
  • Scanning By using BarCode Scanner
  • Adding To Cart
  • Pliable to change if not needed after order before Payment
  • Payment Procedure
  • Delivery Of Products


Now-a-days, Every Flourishing Company and Start Ups knows that a VR/AR/MR is also a Significant and Growing Internet marketing tool and also furnishes services to the client. Finding a VR/AR/MR company is nothing but seeming for some professional developers for it, service provided by the Organization and Timely delivery reports. With a many of developers out there in the form of agencies, companies, freelancers it is very tricky to find the perfect company according to your objectives and goals. A truly extraordinary development company can modify the way Visitors Comments your company.