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Mobile Application Development

What Sets Us Apart From Competitive Developers?

Developing mobile app feature and functionality with a future perspective that makes it way along to all timelines. We makes quirky ideas that solves your problems. Maintain a longtime relationship with every client of ours and assist them in any development need at any tick of the clock.

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Android Development

Create a perfect Android app for your business.

IOS development

The best iPhone Application for your business needs.

Mobile Applications Development

Our team constantly strives to make applications more robust and secure. Our coding process is unique because we don’t just code, we make a creative blend of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and much more. We also have a proven experience in using Eclipse, OpenGL, PhoneGap, Rhomobile, Appcelerator Titanium, iCloud and Amazon web services to develop powerful apps for you.

Android - IOS - Hybrid
Mobile is the enabling centerpiece of digital convergence. Mobile is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence, but mobile is also the digital gateway for the real world to join in this global metamorphosis
of human behavior.

- Tomi Ahonen



Types of mobile app we develop for both Android and Iphone platfomrs,
  • Business Apps Development
  • Education Apps Development
  • Social Networking Apps Development
  • Entertainment Apps Development
  • Travel Apps Development
  • Book App Development
  • Navigation Apps Development
  • News App Development
  • Health & Fitness Apps Development
  • Lifestyle Apps Development
  • Finance Apps Development
  • Product Showcase App Development
  • Website Mobile App Development
  • POS ( point of sale ) Mobile App Development
  • Retail Store Mobile App Development
  • Printing Mobile App Development
  • Accounting Mobile App Development
  • Insurance Mobile App Development
  • Hospitality Mobile App Development
  • Healthcare Mobile App Development
  • Restaurant Mobile App Development

E-commerce Mobile Applications

The rapidly growing e-commerce industry is gradually shifting to the world of smartphones, as people these days prefer browsing through shopping stores on their mobile devices rather than visiting one. Making apps for retail shops helps in finding products in the store while also able to pay using the mobile app, is what defines the retail shopping app. E-commerce mobile app development companies have zeroed down upon the mobile platform to earn their dues while keeping the websites as an additional means.

Geekstack is one of the leading e-commerce mobile app development company in India that has better end-to-end functionality. Being in this field for a decade, we are ready to provide eCommerce development services to integrate your business into mobile by creating an eCommerce mobile app. Our apps possess all the beneficial marketing strategies to provide the most engaging digital experience for your customers to maintain the highest possible e-commerce standards.


Integrating AI into Apps:

Developers, like you, need the most powerful AI embedded in your apps. Whether your objective is to discover patterns and insights within unstructured data, integrate AI into your apps, or train visual content using machine learning, Geekstack can help you get the job done. Get started now with these code patterns, tools and resources to accelerate your AI development.

  • Unlock insights from your data with AI
  • Integrate artificial intelligence into your apps
  • Build visual recognition apps

VR / AR mobile Apps:

WOW-ing a customer has never been easy. With robust AR-based applications, you are providing your customers more life-like experiences revolving around your brand.

  • Superimpose digitial content on images
  • Try out products virtually with face tracking
  • Showcase engaging content with location based AR Apps
  • 3D object tracking to uncover amazing multimedia stuff
  • Turn QR codes & other markers into mind-blowing content
vr/ar mobile app