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Data Analytics

Data is what you need to do Analytics. Information is what you need to do Business

Today, demand forecasts are the foundation of many business decisions. With data production predicted to increase 44 times between 2009 and 2020, there’s a huge opportunity to expand our perspectives regarding factors influencing and driving demand, as well as identifying patterns by which data driven business decisions can be made.

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Define your Ideal Customer:

Data analytics changes the way businesses look at their customers. In the past, sales forecasting was often times based primarily on metrics such as customer demographics or past sales performance, which offer only limited insights. But today, with data analytics, companies can gain a lot more details about customers, such as the websites they frequent, social media channels they use, and which section of their website they frequent most.


Optimize Customer Engagement:

In addition to gaining insights into who your customers are, data analytics can help you know where they are, what they want, how often they make a purchase, when and how they prefer to be contacted, and many other important factors. Companies can also analyze how users interact with their website and make improvements accordingly.

Marketing Optimization and Performance:

With everything going digital, and many customers buying online, data analytics can help companies to make smarter marketing decisions across multiple channels and continuously optimize their marketing efforts through testing, measurement, and ongoing analyses.


Substantial Cost Savings:

With the ability to analyze big data, companies can monitor and optimize their marketing campaigns and allocate their marketing budgets to ensure a shorter and higher return on investment.

Data Analytics


We provide solutions to industrial

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  • CPG

  • E-commerce

  • Retail

CPG Analytics Services

Initiative in the (CPG) sector requires profound knowledge of their clients, products and topography. Manufacturers and their retail partners must cooperate to find and profile their best clients, and the get those items to them through the correct channels.

Seasonality, channel strife, and changing socioeconomics all require profound examination, speedier than conventional methods can deliver. CPG organizations can take advantage of all of the data available to them including Point of Sale (POS), Retail Floor Space Management (RFSM), demographics, and marketing data to drive critical decisions across departments.

Our ability to synthesize actionable insights from varied and multiple data sources enable our retail and CPG clients to harness and analyze the data at the right time. We, thereby, empower them to outperform and reap better ROI on their investments, and understand their consumers better.

Our Solutions

  • Customer Analytics

    • Identify and target the right customers through effective customer segmentation
    • Improve acquisition and conversions through personalized offers – product, price, promotion
    • Minimize churn and enhance customer loyalty, retention and life time value through effective cross sell and up sell strategies by identifying the best combination of products and services that align best with the customers’ needs.

  • Marketing Analytics

    • Use proven analytics methodologies to aid their marketing strategies by providing effective market and customer segmentation
    • Optimizing marketing mix strategies, optimizing promotion and positioning, and cross channel synergies,
    • Maximize response rates through multichannel campaign effectiveness while optimizing marketing spends, improving customer experience and maximizing profitability.

  • Merchandizing & Planning

    • Help with price optimization, assortment planning and category management,
    • Market basket analysis, mark down optimization analysis
    • Competitor analysis helping retailers maximize profitability and stay ahead of their competitors.

  • In store Operations Analytics

    • Help enhance profitability in their in-store operations by optimizing product placement based on product associations at a store level,
    • Forecasting to minimize out of stock, maximizing store revenue through effective store performance and profitability analysis,
    • Maximizing profitability through customer conversion, preventive loss forecasting models and optimum resource utilization.

  • Social Media Analytics

    • Help understand the sentiments expressed by customers across social media channels,
    • Identify gaps and reverse negative sentiments through carefully designed social media strategies to manage brand reputation and enhance revenue opportunities by converting customers into influencers

E-Commerce Analytics Services

Online firms (specially ecommerce) usually tend to have access to a much larger base of Data when compared with offline businesses. Hence the analytical needs tend to be more complex. There are multiple sources of data available usually that include web browsing data, response data & social media data.

Our experience with online businesses, span across traditional ecommerce firms to market-places, as well as industry leading Digital Advertising firms.

We have successfully designed and implemented loyalty programs for online business, performed customer analytics to reduce churn, increase LTV and run better targeted promotional campaigns. We also help by looking at seller-side analytics, figuring out next-best products or services to sell for each customer, thereby increasing up/cross sell opportunities.

Our Solutions

  • Website Analytics

    While analyzing a website and its users, in order to provide the best experience, it is vital that we understand the different kinds of intents that Customers have when visiting the website. A user’s intent can be analyzed by viewing Path/User flow reports and combining that with segmentation of users provides a way for Businesses to create highly personalized & effective campaigns that target users in real time.

  • Customer Analytics

    We help process your historical data and help benchmark existing Churn & retention rates across various customer segments. You’ll immediately see exactly how one-time buyers in your customer base compare to repeat customers.

  • Product Analytics

    We help business understand how each product performs in detail by analyzing product specific conversion and abandonment rates, views, purchases, quantity sold. This enables us to view correlations between the products and help understand what kinds of products go together in your customer’s mind and how they choose between different options. This is usually a starting point for promotional and bundle ideas.

  • Budget Optimization across acquisition channels

    To optimize marketing spending, you need a clear comparison of traffic channels. We measure their effectiveness based on conversion rates, total revenue, revenue per visit, and revenue per customer.

Retail Analytics

Over the last decade, the retail industry has undergone a major evolution. The digital revolution has forced brick and mortar retailers to revisit their business strategy. The market is polarized, with some doing smart work with the data they have, but most doing little beyond MIS and reports.

Retailers are grappling with demanding customers who are more informed and discerning, thanks to new media and technology. This has led to a drastic change in customer preferences and behavior. The scope of retail analytics therefore has shifted from analyzing POS data to analyzing huge volumes of data that provide better understanding of customer behavior.

Whether it is about driving customer behavior or improving buying, pricing or benchmarking store performance – the opportunity to do exciting and impactful work has never been so immense.

In order to stay relevant and ensure continued success, retailers must scale up their analytics to achieve better product margins, better customer targeting, better product mix at a store level, data driven decision making around pricing and overall better return on marketing investment.

Our Solutions

  • Customer Analytics

    It enables customer facing personnel and marketers to have a single view of customers across channels and businesses. It reveals insights into customer behavior and enriches overall customer experience and loyalty. Solutions under customer analytics include Next Best Action, recommendation engine, loyalty analytics, response and prospect analytics, churn analytics

  • Pricing Analytics

    Helps to establish price elasticity’s, impact of promotions and markdowns. Also enables finance personnel and heads of businesses to determine profitable products, customers and services and allocate costs accordingly to improve profitability

  • Leveraging promotions

    • Optimize trade spends across categories in the portfolio
    • Identify key brands whose promotions are helping in category growth
    • Define pricing strategies for own / store brand

  • Demand forecasting and replenishment

    • Continuously improve demand forecasting for better management of supply chain
    • Effectively manage distribution while minimizing stock-outs
    • SKU velocity analysis

Big Data in Financial Services

Leading Financial Services companies understand analytics is the new secret weapon to drive competitive advantage. We help financial services companies attract, manage and retain profitable customers by applying a wide range of advanced analytics capabilities tailored to each business need.

We have however found that the requirements of analytics and the availability of customer data are quite diverse across different types of financial institutions such as Banking, Mutual Funds & Insurance.

There are however a few common goals that they all share –:

  • Better acquisition & retention
  • Increasing lifetime value of customers,
  • Running successful targeted campaigns
  • Optimizing marketing spends across various channels.

In order to stay relevant and ensure continued success, retailers must scale up their analytics to achieve better product margins, better customer targeting, better product mix at a store level, data driven decision making around pricing and overall better return on marketing investment.

Our Solutions

  • Marketing & Sales Analytics

    Implement Campaign management methods to diagnose popular channels and movement along the customer lifecycle. Sales analytics also covers branch and location intelligence for departmental/branch performance optimization.

  • Portfolio Analytics

    Analyze product profitability and match products to customer segments to target them more effectively. Portfolio analysis also provides standard metrics to measure product performance.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Use all available customer data to create customer profiles. Segment customer based on activity data or profile data based on the intended use of these segments. Keep summarized records of customer behavior and value scores.

  • Insurance Claims

    Integrate claims workflow data to understand blockages in claims processing and attempt to reduce turnaround time by working on influential factors.

  • Insurance Fraud Analytics

    Use customer behavioral and profile data to derive unusual patterns of activity or high-risk factors and use these in assessing fraudulent activity. Make use of statistical outliers and other analytical methods such as clusters and decision trees to mine for such patterns.

  • Loyalty Management

    We help in creating customer loyalty programs from customer behavioral and profile data. Using this we can then help create Customer tiers and segments to reward more valuable customers.