It also offers products which are common for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, owing to their production of raw cosmetic materials. Learn more, Question about raw chemical materials for the pharmaceutical industry offer. We always manufacture our products accredited with international quality standards and delivered with full technical support to customers. function ff1a5b8f15c977b7314613842f2595d8a(){ The offer of raw materials for the pharma industry also includes polyethylene glycols that are used as excipients. Companies like MSC, Travers, Enco, et al sell raw materials. These ingredients are used to produce ointments, creams, gels, emulsions, capsules or tablets. Pharmaceutical Raw Materials are the substances or elements that are used to manufacture wide range of drug formulations, tablets, capsules, injectable etc. While there is a small amount of overlap, cosmetic chemists have significantly more options than a cook. fb9a6f0163e064e2a4292e82d2bb418d7(); The extraction sources for Pharmaceutical Raw Materials may be natural or synthetic in nature. Among the products dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, they also provide high-purity hydrochloric acid and caustic soda. var x = "".split(". The recipients of your data may be companies that support us in communicating with you and help us to run a website, external consulting companies (including legal, marketing and accounting companies) or external IT specialists, including entities from the PCC Group . for(var i=0; i