They will drop Insignias. Find Fatui Skirmisher's location, & drops of Fatui Skirmisher (Anemoboxer Vanguard & Geochanter Bracer)! The one highlighted in red is found inside the mountain. Map Source: Genshin Impact Interactive Map. Agents, or Fatui Pyro Agents, as a roaming boss in Genshin Impact. This is due to the Pyro Agents and Cicin Mages having a higher likelihood … You can find them on the world map in Liyue, and they can spawn in various locations and will respawn daily. Here’s a map to help find Fatui Pyro Agent Locations in Genshin Impact. Hunters Sacrificial Knife is used for the following Character Ascensions: No Results Hunters Sacrificial … You need to use Geo skills on three pillars which will spawn a Precious chest. See Fatui Pyro Agent for the respawn locations of the boss. In Liyue, players should be able to find the Fatui Pyro Agents and Skirmishers. Map. The location of the bombs are constant. Character Ascension. Defeat them … Where To Find Fatui Skirmisher All Fatui Skirmisher Locations - Map. Genshin Impact players in need of Agent's Sacrificial Knives for weapon ascension will need to hunt down the elusive and powerful Fatui Pyro Agent. To find agents, open the journal through the options wheel and then selecting the bosses tab. By using our ... Fatui Pyro Agent: Check Out All Boss Fight List Fatui Skirmisher - Location. Once you approach it, you'll be ambushed by a Fatui Pyro Agent and an Electro Cicin Mage. The different types of Fatui Skirmishers will all drop the same items. Search the Fatui Pyro Agents and click on them. By … Fatui Skirmisher Locations Defeat them to farm Sacrificial Knife and Insignias. Finding Fatui Skirmishers also known as Skirmishers will be an important task to progress in Genshin Impact. These items can only be obtained as drops from Fatui Pyro Agents and not from any other elemental Fatui enemy. After selecting the agents, a marker will be placed on the map indicating the position of the agent. You can place an attacking elemental skill, like Zhongli's skill, near the location to make the barrel explode decreasing the targets you need to hit. Agent North of Mingyun Village: Located to the direction east from north of Mingyun Village. 1 Steps 2 Rewards 3 Locations by Enemy 4 Trivia Defeat the Eye of the Storm/Fatui Agent/Ruin Guard/Frostarm Lawachurl (0/1) This commission grants the following AR-dependent rewards upon completion: Eye of the Storm: Thousand Winds Temple, Windwail Highland (north) Ruin Guard: Dadaupa Gorge, Windwail Highland (south), Stormterror's Lair Fatui Pyro Agent: Jueyun Karst Frostarm … Look for the tunnel that passes through. Chest 2 location: Near a Teleport Waypoint between Qingyun Peak and Tianqiu Valley. Agents or Fatui Pyro Agents location in Genshin Impact. Out of these four options, the Skirmishers from either area are the best to hunt down and farm. Remember the locations and try to shoot the bombs as fast as possible. Below is a list of all the locations where the agents can be found. Fatui Pyro Agents. This material is important as it is required to Ascend your characters. VS Fatui Pyro Agent Place Attacking Elemental Skill To Lessen Targets. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses.